Humans and Microbes publications

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[4] Role of Rabenosyn-5 and Rab5b in host cell cytosol uptake reveals conservation of endosomal transport in malaria parasite. Sabitzki R, Roßmann AL*, Schmitt M, Flemming S, Guillén-Samander A, Behrens HM, Jonscher E, Höhn K, Fröhlke U, Spielmann T*. (2024) PLoS Biology 22(5):e3002639. Abstract


[3] A validated protocol to UV-inactivate SARS-CoV-2 and herpesvirus-infected cells. Soh TK*, Pfefferle S*, Wurr S, von Possel R, Oestereich L, Rieger T, Uetrecht C*, Rosenthal M, Bosse JB*. (2023) PLoS One 18(5):e0274065. Abstract

[2] Get a grip: Podosomes as potential players in phagocytosis. Linder S*, Barcelona B. (2023) Eur J Cell Biol 102(4):151356. Abstract

[1] A Triphosphate Pronucleotide (TriPPPro) Reporter with Optimized Cell-Permeable Dyes for Metabolic Labeling of Cellular and Viral DNA in Living Cells. Sterrenberg VT, Stalling D*, Knaack JIH, Soh TK*, Bosse JB*, Meier C. (2023) Angew Chem Int Ed Engl e20230827. Abstract